We were discretely called to rescue the Duke’s Daughter.

While searching for Ris, the daughter of the Duke of Leddenbeck, the party discovered some letters which suggested that she was investigating the disappearance of tax from her father’s lands.
Further investigation led them to the Cult of Neodrach, a secretive warrior cult with stoic soldiers and powerful representation in the lands of Leddenbeck.
Moradas,a young wizard who claims to be the tutor of Ris, met them and suggested that Ris is in the Old Cathedral of Neodrach. That she is trapped in an underground chamber.
The party journeyed to the old Cathedral and Moradas opened the gate to the underground chambers.
They find themselves there after two grueling fights with the moving statues of Neodrach.

After tracking the Bishop back to the Old Cathedral the party followed her and Ris through a portal to another world.

In this new world they discovered a race of desert dwellers who used them for public sport by forcing them through a series of traps before releasing them.

They also discovered that Moradas was the daughter of a rich and powerful man in one of the Oasis City. Moradas’ wizard friends were able to show them where the bishop’s portal had ripped the fabric of the world.

On their way there they were attacked by sand creatures and almost killed, though after a grueling and bloody battle they emerged victorious.

After this they fought their way through a tribe of 2 foot high bone white creatures who were guarding a bridge over a high chasm. Danny made short work of many of them by throwing them off the bridge into the chasm below, sometimes two or three at a time, and frightening the others with bellowing roars and hand gestures.

After coming out of the desert and while they were staying in an Inn Liam discovered that a wealthy senator was also staying there. He decided to investigate her riches and unfortunately she woke while he was in the middle of his investigation and attacked. Liam called on Danny’s help and, without pausing to question the situation, Danny charged in and decapitated her. Her husband exploded a fireball which hurt Danny, burnt an entire chest of scrolls, killed himself and badly burnt his child. Feeling great pity for the wounded child Danny called on the mercy of the Raven Queen to heal its wounds.

Later that night in the common room of the inn the party was confronted by the senator’s guards. When confronted by such firepower the party decided to surrender on good term, though Danny was less pleased by this turn of events. After a prolong standoff between Danny and the head of the guards the knife while Liam had stolen from the senator’s travel case and which the head guard was insistent on finding was found. After some choice words between the head guard and Danny the guards withdrew, carrying with them the burnt body of the senator, her husband and her travelling cases. Danny was asked to surrender the child, whom he was still holding, and he did so after giving it his coin and the blessing of the Raven Queen.

The Duke's Daughter

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